VRLabs is an innovative start-up company, created by the Computational Intelligence Research Group of the University of Genoa, active in the research and development of innovative products and services of high technological value.

The main focus is the research and development of algorithms and systems for leading edge applications, leveraging top skills for targeting a wide variety of industrial sectors and markets.

Vega Research Laboratories delivers strong expertise gained in different industries.

Success Stories.

Former achievements of founding partners:

  • Neural networks regressor for electronic noses for food qualification
  • Neural networks forecaster for tides in the Venice lagoon
  • Fuzzy logic controller for electric/hybrid vehicles operation
  • Neural networks estimators for nonlinear process modeling, in industrial context
  • Predictive maintenance of industrial plants and devices
  • Neural network for Short-Term Urban Traffic Prediction System
  • Fuzzy clustering methods for medical image processing
  • Fuzzy logic based decision support system for HLA genotyping
  • MicroRNA Target Genes Prediction for various pathologies
  • Wearable and ambient sensor data analytics for well-being systems
  • Systems for early detection of cognitive illness
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation Systems