AI Unleashed
“Empowering Tomorrow”

We provide innovative digital services based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, extended reality, and other emerging ICT technologies

Develop the future

We develop Artificial Intelligence Algorithms and implement them for automating tasks, enabling efficient decision-making and fostering innovation across diverse fields through machine learning and predictive analytics to optimize the processes.

Identify the opportunity

We are expert in opportunity identification by analysing big datasets, revealing patterns and trends, take advantage of cutting-edge technologies, thereby uncovering new avenues and value for innovation and growth your businesses.

Drive Profitability

Our team specializes to boost profitability through process optimization by building new models to drive profitability and growth, improved decision-making, and personalized customer experiences, leading to increased operational efficiency.

Turning technology into profits

Are you looking for a solution in your market?

Artificial intelligence is a horizontal approach, this provides data-intensive solutions that automatically acquire the necessary knowledge through the analysis of static repositories or live streams of data.


Purpose-Built AI Driven by Experience:

We pursue technological advancements with the following actions:

  • Supporting the transformation towards a digital Industrial Company
  • Creating advanced monitoring and diagnostics tools also for predictive maintenance and operations intelligence
  • Designing apps and analytics tools
  • Providing customized solutions for data analytics as core capability

Our tools:

  • Predictive demand analysis
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Key Performance Indicators modelling
  • And many other tools

Your vision, Our expertise , Elevate your business

Advantages of AI:
  • Cost-effective, being automated
  • Self-upgradable, by learning
  • Scalable
  • 24/7 availability
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Ana allow companies to leverage the full potential of their data collection procedures.
Our offers:
  • The best cost-beneft ratio
  • Very skilled personnel and deep expertise in data analytics
  • High fexibility in meeting customer needs
  • An enabling partnership to get access to R&D incentive programs
  • The commitment to support clients towards a successful digital transformation

AI has been transformed healthcare with personalized treatment and precise diagnostic tools, leading to better outcomes and cost savings and enhance patient safety.

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Through the use of artificial intelligence, transportation can be transformed by optimizing traffic flow, increasing safety, and optimizing logistics.

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Manufacturing Industry

By automating processes, optimizing schedules, and predicting maintenance needs, AI changes manufacturing, improving efficiency, quality, and competitiveness.

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As a consequence of the rapid progression of technological advancements, traditional approaches cannot keep up with the complexity of large data and process.VRLs main focus is the research and development of algorithms and systems for leading edge applications, leveraging top skills for targeting a wide variety of industrial sectors and markets.

About Us

Vega Research Laboratories is an innovative start-up founded in 2017, created by the Computational Intelligence Research Group of the University of Genoa.

We are active in the research, development and production of innovative products and services of high technological value.

We provide in the industrial and health sectors innovative digital services based on artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, extended reality, and other emerging ICT technologies.

SMAU | Italy RestartsUp in London

VRLabs is one of the 40 representative italian Startups which has been selected for SMAU Italy RestartsUp in London, the leading show dedicated to innovation in Italy, organized in collaboration with ICE, Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian companies.

HPC Day in Milan- 2018

We were invited by DLTM as speakers at HPC Day in Milan, a Soiel International event, to present our view on Artificial Intelligence and how it can benefit from high performance computing architectures and solutions.

Our Teams

Francesco Masulli

Chair of the IEEE Italy

Section Computational Intelligence

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Stefano Rovetta

Associate Professor of Computer Science

University of Genoa (Italy)

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Alberto Cabri

Assistant Professor

University of Milan (Italy)

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In artificial intelligence (AI), intelligent human behavior is simulated in order to solve complex problems.