Vega Research Laboratories provides consulting services for companies willing to increase the value of their data through the application of artificial intelligence and related technologies.

Our team has decades of experience in applying these technologies to real world problems in several areas, ranging from factory automation to biomedical data analysis, to image understanding, to gas sensing and classification, to ambient-assisted living, to short-term road traffic forecasts and many Others.

Artificial intelligence is a horizontal approach, not specifically tied to one application or market. This provides data-intensive solutions that automatically acquire the necessary knowledge not through the advice of experts and hand-tooled programming, but through the analysis of static repositories or live streams of data.

These solutions are therefore

  • cost-effective, being automated
  • self-upgradable, by learning
  • scalable

and allow companies to leverage the full potential of their data collection procedures.

VRLabs provides innovative tools for diverse industrial applications, including

  • predictive demand analysis
  • predictive maintenance
  • Key Performance Indicators modeling

… and many others.

VRLabs offers

  • the best cost-beneft ratio
  • very skilled personnel and deep expertise in data analytics
  • high fexibility in meeting customer needs
  • an enabling partnership to get access to R&D incentive programs
  • the committment to support clients towards a successful digital transformation